Manufacturing and Engineering Magazine Volume 425 - January 2016 - Page 69

AGRICULTURE LAMMA SHOW 2016 of visitors investing over £100,000 in their farms annually, the event is perhaps the most lucrative in the calendar year and continues to stimulate growth for the industry as a whole. Innovation continues to be define the LAMMA Show, and this year's event is, by no means, about to break that trend. An ideal way to gain prestige in the industry as well as further promote the visibility of a company, the LAMMA 2016 Innovation Awards are amongst the most revered in the agricultural sector and have rocketed the success of smaller companies as well as attesting to the brilliance of some of the agricultural industry's biggest players. Spanning the width of manufacturing and engineering products, accolades are available for Best New Product or Innovation in anything from Mechanical Crop Production Equipment to Livestock Production Equipment to Technological. New for 2016 is the Health and Safety Award in Association with SSAB and the Institution of Agricultural Engineers (IagrE), and the winner will be awarded on the basis of producing a unique design with health and safety in mind. With the agricultural sector being amongst the most challenging in terms of risk to operatives' well-being and wider community impact, it's expected to draw in the crowds at both an exhibitor and visitor level. Accelerating in size and potency, this year's LAMMA Show looks set to be the biggest and most successful to date. Effectively representing the pioneering nature of the agricultural industry, and making possible economic vibrancy, the LAMMA Show is bestowing organisations with the competitive advantage needed for future prosperity. MANUFACTURING AND ENGINEERING MAGAZINE 67