Manufacturing and Engineering Magazine Volume 425 - January 2016 - Page 63

CIVIL ENGINEERING PCP GRATINGS ONE STEP AHEAD PcP Gratings Ltd offers a range of industrial and architectural grating solutions including walkways, stair treads, O5M & O5MR treads, platform gratings and access ramps. Established in 1986, PcP Gratings was created to serve the increasing need for innovative, high quality grating products and solutions which truly go the extra mile. With the PF Group then established in 1987 as a global umbrella company to co-ordinate the group's commercial assets around the globe, PcP not only boasts a long, esteemed and highly successful history in its own right, but is also able to tap into the the wider PF group's hub of design, development, innovation, production technology, creativity and quality. Through the combination of PcP's experience, and the resource offered to the company by the wider group, PcP's position within the industry is absolute, and the position of its clients remain “One Step Ahead”. The PcP approach to business is one both simple, yet effective. By working closely alongside clients to understand their respective needs and requirements, the company aims to offer a flexible solution with a product to target the specific needs of the customer, as Bob Merrington, Director of PcP Gratings highlights: “We consider the key challenge which we have to rise to is designing the right product for the right job, taking into account both value engineering and application to ensure that what we can offer, offers the best solution on the market. What this involves is not only selecting the best product specification, but also the ideal materials to suit the job, which is something we do incredibly well.” And while many like-organisations do attempt to offer a solution which adapts to the changing needs of the customer, PcP is one of the few companies capable of actually following through with 4 MANUFACTURING AND ENGINEERING MAGAZINE 61