Manufacturing and Engineering Magazine Volume 425 - January 2016 - Page 58

MARINE ACTISENSE each other. One of our strengths is being able to unite each of those different processes, and our products allow for data to be effectively distributed between operations.” An expert in state-of-the-art interfacing and data servicing, Actisense is also able to refurbish existing software by supplementing the old with the new. While it's often the case that innovative technology renders all else obsolete, the company is adept at joining the dots between its highly-engineered solutions and those already in place on marine vehicles. It's an ability that qualifies the company's claim to being an “NMEA specialist” in view of it adherence to standards put forth by the National Marine Electronics Association (NMEA) in the US. The company's membership within the association has been pivotal in keeping abreast of changes in legislation, technical requirement and technological development. Attending the innumerable conferences, comm ]Y\