Manufacturing and Engineering Magazine Volume 425 - January 2016 - Page 53

MANUFACTURING & ENGINEERING BLACKHILL ENGINEERING SERVICES beaten in their knowledge and ability to deal with the larger diameters and volumes we encounter. We can therefore ensure our products are built with the highest of tolerances and that the customer gets top quality work.” Its task force is something the company holds in high esteem. It's an ethic which has been inherited from parent company, SC Group, which observes a family-orientated approach to business with respect to the four companies within the group structure. Blackhill Engineering Services, specifically, strives to facilitate career progression for its staff and promotes training and development at every level. The current General Manager's acceleration through the ranks from shop floor operative is case in point and the company continues to provide opportunities for those showing promise. Priding itself on looking after its own, Blackhill Engineering Services retains that principle when working with suppliers. Actively seeking to source components as locally as possible, the company often makes use of materials from South Wales and therefore minimising its haulage miles. Incoming and outgoing deliveries of core material are also condensed according to destination with a view to using transport more efficiently and reducing the company's carbon emissions. Promising further diversification and development in the coming years, Blackhill Engineering Services is showing no sign of slowing down. And with superb quality products, and lean and focused processes, it's a company with all the necessary faculties to straddle multiple markets with finesse. MANUFACTURING AND ENGINEERING MAGAZINE 51