Manufacturing and Engineering Magazine Volume 425 - January 2016 - Page 52

MANUFACTURING & ENGINEERING BLACKHILL ENGINEERING SERVICES travelling column. Due for completion in February 2016, the new feature on the production line will be completely CNC-controlled, and add further manufacturing capacity as well as further machining capabilities. Certainly not confined to next year, however, the company is currently enjoying the use of stateof-the-art fabrication machines which, again, have the twofold ability to enhance quantity and quality. Dan Baker provides further detail: “We've just put in six top of the range welding sets which are self-calibrating meaning you can programme the machine specific to the procedure required. Not only does it mean the quality of the welds is always controlled, but it also makes our fabricators better at their job. They can worry about what the mate- 50 rials are doing and getting the dimensions right rather than the actual settings on the welder.” In view of Blackhill Engineering Services' progressive approach to manufacturing and engineering and its will to do more, and do better, the company has attracted a host of high-profile clients and succeeded in delivering pioneering products to some of the most challenging projects. Amongst customers such as the RNLI or the Supacat Jackal vehicle, the company has proven, time and time and again, its unparalleled proficiency in high precision machining at large diameters and sizes. “Our USP is size,” corroborates Dan Baker. “We can lift 60t units in a single go, and we can machine envelopes up to five cubic metres in size. The guys that have been working these machines can't be MANUFACTURING AND ENGINEERING MAGAZINE “The guys that have been working these machines can't be beaten in their knowledge and ability to deal with the larger diameters and volumes we encounter”