Manufacturing and Engineering Magazine Volume 425 - January 2016 - Page 48

MANUFACTURING & ENGINEERING BLACKHILL ENGINEERING SERVICES THE PROVIDER OF CHOICE Blackhill Engineering is a premium engineering and fabrication service providing an expansive portfolio of machine engineering “There's nowhere quite like the UK for quality assurance in the manufacturing and engineering industry,” asserts Dan Baker, Business Development Manager at Blackhill Engineering Services. “And we are very much a part of that ethic.” With outstanding technical aptitude and a willingness to improve and develop, Blackhill Engineering Services is a company which demonstrates a flexibility and proficiency which is certain to secure its future. Originally established in the fifties as the choice engineering support services provider for the English China Clays quarrying group, Blackhill Engineering Services has since expanded and diversified its operations to the extent that it has becoming something of a one-stop-shop in largescale machining and fabrication. Indeed, boasting 4 46 the largest physical machining capability within the South West, and matching the capacity of some of the biggest and best across the UK, its expertise lies in big – and it has big ambitions to boot. Since its privatisation in the late seventies and subsequent procurement by SC Group, the company has diversified its aims enormously and now supports a number of key industries, including: defence, marine, quarrying, construction, petrochemical, and powder-processing. Since establishing in-house design capabilities and establishing collaborative contracts with suppliers, Blackhill Engineering Services has developed a complete end-to-end manufacturing and engineering service, particularly well-suited to single unit or low volume production. It's to SC Group that the company owes much of its recent development; Blackhill Engineering Services has not only modernised and improved its MANUFACTURING AND ENGINEERING MAGAZINE