Manufacturing and Engineering Magazine Volume 425 - January 2016 - Page 44

MANUFACTURING & ENGINEERING DALE DRILLS REVOLUTIONARY EFFICIENCY dale drills are renowned for their excellent contour following, accurate seed placement and low power requirement 4 Formerly a manual labouring task, crop farming now bears little resemblance to its ancestry and, with the development of sowing machines and subsequent technologies, has become infinitely more sophisticated. Placing keen emphasis on the environment and soil health, while innovating at an extraordinary rate, Dale Drills continues to make its mark on the landscape. Proudly heralding from its Lincolnshire home, Dale Drills specialises in the manufacture of direct drills for use in the agricultural industry. Revolutionising the sector at its inception, the company has since produced a range of versatile drills which are capable of drilling in direct, min-till and conventional 42 seedbeds. Establishing a reputation for excellence in contour following, seed placement accuracy and efficiency, the company's drills also pose minimal disruption to soil beds, and Dale Drills actively promotes efficient farming. With a view to mitigating crop farming's high production costs, Dale Drills has actively tried to reduce the resources it takes to yield the same crop – be that in chemicals, fuel or fertilisers – in order to pass that saving on to customers, and they to theirs. It required a radical rethinking of seed drill technology, as Tom Dale, Managing Director of Dale Drills illustrates: “For a traditional plough-based system, which necessitates maximum cultivation, you're spending a tremendous amount of money on machines, men to operate those MANUFACTURING AND ENGINEERING MAGAZINE