Manufacturing and Engineering Magazine Volume 425 - January 2016 - Page 39

MANUFACTURING & ENGINEERING BPMA years, BPMA boasts the added facility of technical consultancy and, within its team houses various divisions specialising in the multiple aspects and sectors in which pump technology appears. In addition to the release of newsletters and “Standard Alerts” notifying members of industry developments and changes to what constitutes best practice, the association provides its own training and education resources. With various modes of delivery – e-learning, lecture-based, seminars and conferences – bespoke training services are easily accessible and span the entirety of the sector's complexity. Because skills gaps can be of real detriment to a company's commercial interests, can limit growth and introduce unwanted operational risk, it's imperative that pumping specialists remain up-to-date with the latest in training and guidelines. From the mechanics of pumping systems to product selection and use of control systems, BPMA's expertled training is therefore invaluable in safeguarding members' commercial viability and provides a differentiating feature to those without. Assuredly of and for the pumping sector and, equipped with an expertise unrivalled across the UK, BPMA is the single way to assure vitality in the here and now, and ascertain prosperity in the future. Offering key insight into best practice and, furthermore, allowing companies that ascension, the association stands as testament to the sector's dynamism and continues to promote further development. MANUFACTURING AND ENGINEERING MAGAZINE 37