Manufacturing and Engineering Magazine Volume 425 - January 2016 - Page 35

MANUFACTURING & ENGINEERING HELIX TOOL COMPANY stronger relationship between the business and its customers. The savings Helix has been able to find for its clients have strengthened its own reputation. Working across a variety of sectors including aerospace, medicine, automotive and power generation, it has recently developed a growing presence in the oil and gas sector. The downturn experienced within the sector has seen businesses grow increasingly concerned with streamlining productivity and finding efficiency savings. Helix’s proven expertise in addition to its line side supply of high performance cutting tools has made it an ideal partner. “A difficult market has created opportunities for us. A lot of our customers are coming to us and saying how can we increase productivity, capacity and reduce costs to become competitive. In challenging times we are actually growing our market share because customers are recognising they needed somebody who brings more value to them than just selling tools,” acknowledges Robinson. “It’s a closed-loop package,” he adds. “Alongside best in class tooling, we offer an unmanned, totally secure tool store. The savings we have made for our customers is not by being cheaper but through cost saving analysis and the implementation of processes that have increased productivity.” The company’s confident growth shows no signs of stopping in 2016 but Robinson’s ambitions go much further than the bottom line. Having opened a second office in 2014 at the Advanced Manufacturing Park in South Yorkshire, Helix’s founder wants to give back to the industry that has been so rewarding to him. This has seen the company work with the AMRC training centre in Engineering the Next Generation “The savings we have made for our customers is not by being cheaper but through cost saving analysis and the implementation of processes that have increased productivity” Rotherham to deliver its apprenticeship scheme. Its latest success story is the promotion of apprentice Jake Corbally-Lidgett to trainee applications engineer. It’s important to promote the industry to the youth of today, says Robinson. “A lot of people don’t appreciate how vibrant the specialist manufacturing sectors are in the UK. One of the challenges, however, is that over the last few years not a lot of young people are choosing manufacturing as a profession to go into so we’ve become heavily involved with the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre. As a distributor there are few like us who are making this level of investment in young engineers for the next generation.” In the next 12 months, the managing director wants to continue developing the company’s presence not only in oil and gas but across all its precision manufacturing activities including the aerospace and automotive sectors while consistently delivering value to clients. Its investment in training will continue with the business expecting to recruit more sales engineers in 2016. “Helix is very much invested in our customer’s success. If I’m not helping our customers operate more efficiently and productively then I won’t have a future either. That’s what continues to drive us forward.” Tel: 0113 234 0777 MANUFACTURING AND ENGINEERING MAGAZINE 33