Manufacturing and Engineering Magazine Volume 425 - January 2016 - Page 33

MANUFACTURING & ENGINEERING HELIX TOOL COMPANY Advanced Manufacturing Park, South Yorkshire processes in order to identify ways to operate more efficiently. Through this, Helix proposes potential cost savings before trialling new processes, reporting on results and, eventually, fully implementing a new system. In the last 12 months Helix has saved its customers over £1.5m. It is able to do this through close working relationships dedicated to gaining an intimate understanding of a client’s activities. The client gains from Helix’s time-served directly employed engineers who can deliver the benefits of the company’s independent standing, taking advantage of a comprehensive range of brands to offer the best option on a case-bycase basis. Engineers also oversee key accounts, looking after individual clients on a dedicated basis. This, says Robinson, breeds a sense of ownership which in turn produces a MANUFACTURING AND ENGINEERING MAGAZINE 31