Manufacturing and Engineering Magazine Volume 425 - January 2016 - Page 29

AEROSPACE MICROMETRIC highlights: “We have a broad range of equipment. We don't just have lasers, but we also have other equipment such as a precision grinder, a machining centre, a wire eroder, a laser marker and more. We've moved on from just being laser cutters, and now see ourselves far more as component makers. There's a combination factors such as offering a broad range of capabilities, our technical expertise and the fact that we try to be proactive, with a vast amount of background research, really then allows us to provide much more of a onestop-shop for our customers. Additionally, we develop our own machines and tooling if they are not readily available, adapting to the components which we're making.” Yet, in line with this, it is of course important to note that investment is not treated on a basis of solely in the core areas of the company, but also in new, emerging areas so that the company can broaden its range of capabilities out into new, exciting areas. And even if Micrometric may not yet be able to provide a specific service in-house, through support of keen supply chain members it is often the case that complementary services can be sourced within and provided to the customer as a complete one-stop-shop solution – something which client upon client can count upon. It is the combination of these two factors which effectively allows Micrometric to rise to the challenges of the industry, providing a high quality, green solution which, while offering more, can also subsequently be offered for less. Chris comments: “What we've found is that clients are wanting more out of the same thing, at a lower price, yet as reliably as previously. As what they want is more for their money, we have to look at our processes and ensure that they are very stable, accurate, repeatable and precise for every single part, not just for the first few.” Looking forward, it is the keen eye of the company on recent trends, and adapting to those trends, which is sure to pave the way forward for the company in times to come. “we develop our own machines and tooling if