Manufacturing and Engineering Magazine Volume 425 - January 2016 - Page 26

AEROSPACE MICROMETRIC ment of the company's services into new areas such as laser welding and drilling. It could be argued that now, it is to these two core services which we can attribute the continued success of the company, however it does yet maintain a resolute focus on its original service of laser cutting. As a highly competitive sector of operation, with very little room for differentiation, it is testament to Micrometric's good name that it has been able to effectively do just that – differentiate itself. Through recognising challenges being faced by both clients and the industry itself, Micrometric can be found always at the fore of innovation and providing an increasingly improved, and efficient solution. Yet of course, in support of this is the company's reputation for a wealth of expertise, a resolute standard of quality across all works and an extra added touch of care. Providing further insight, Chris Waters, Operations Manager of Micrometric illustrates some of these challenges and just how Micrometric is both dedicated to, and able to overcome these for the benefit of its clients: “The overarching challenges are in terms of quality and delivery, as the main key drivers when taking a job on. Going forward, especially with some of the work we're involved in within both the civilian and military marketplaces for aerospace, we're seeing some big changes. Within the civilian market specifically, we're seeing a driver in 24 MANUFACTURING AND ENGINEERING MAGAZINE