Manufacturing and Engineering Magazine Volume 425 - January 2016 - Page 24

AEROSPACE MICROMETRIC PIONEER OF INNOVATION Micrometric Ltd is a European leader in the use of lasers for the production of fine parts and precision components from prototype through to volume production. Within the modern aerospace industry, green, sustainable operation has become one of the key drivers of innovation. With aerospace clients demanding increasingly more from the supply chain, both with regard to material and production process efficiencies, it falls to the manufacturers at the heart of the aerospace industry to provide reliable, sustainable solutions upon which can be relied upon from top to bottom of the supply chain. Recognising this desire for leaner, and greener processes for the industry is Micrometric, a pioneer of innovation within an industry demanding it most. As a European leader in the use of lasers for the production of fine parts and precision components, Micrometric is a trend-setter not only in the production of high quality components, but most 4 22 specifically in pushing the boundaries of innovation through new technologies, methodologies and production processes. Supplying a wide range of industries from aerospace, right the way through to automotive, energy generation, medical devices, oil and gas, electronics, and instrumentation, Micrometric sits right at the heart of the UK manufacturing industry. Originally starting out in 1982, Micrometric did, at first define itself solely by laser cutting, however, through a hunger to expand and offer a more technically-led service portfolio to clients, the company has since seen expansive diversification and the develop- MANUFACTURING AND ENGINEERING MAGAZINE