Manufacturing and Engineering Magazine Volume 425 - January 2016 - Page 15

AEROSPACE MICRO SPRING & PRESSWORK well established customers often helping to reduce the length of the supply chain. The ability to produce prototypes quickly and to have varied manufacturing cells allows us to respond to any quantity of order requirement,” furthers Hawes. And most recently MSP has provided evidence to this flexibility through recent works where a Prime's first tier supplier specifically requested the speedy delivery of a small quantity of components for an AOG situation. “The problem was that the drawing required the part to be made from patented material. The patent holder had sold their square section drawing equipment. We re-engineered the part, obtained the necessary drawing concessions and manufactured in 5 weeks.” Through working as part of the Midlands Aerospace Alliance (MAA), MSP has also seen the benefit of membership with a body entirely, and wholly dedicated to the prosperity of Midlands-based aerospace industry. Most specifically, as Hawes explains, the MAA has supported the company through persuasion of key Primes and Global 1st tier groups in both interact with, and listen to small and medium sized suppliers; thus, the playing field becomes far more open and accessible, with less barriers to entry. Additionally, key to supporting MSP's operations over the past years has been the continued support of key supply chain members, to which the company can attribute a degree of “Our reputation within the industry gives our customers the confidence to discuss issues with us at design and development stage” its capability. Hawes enthuses: “Although Aerospace projects are long term the leadtime requirements for prototypes and small batches increasingly gets shorter and shorter. Commercial demands for increased efficiency are compounding so we need all our suppliers to be agile, flexible, willing to accept change and quick to respond. The suppliers who respond in this way are given our full support and their assistance is much appreciated.” Through this keen investment into emerging, advanced technologies and the dedication to quality, flexible solutions which the company displays, MSP's continued success is all but assured. And through the further support offered to the company via the supply chain, MSP's competitive advantage is absolute. MANUFACTURING AND ENGINEERING MAGAZINE 13