Manufacturing and Engineering Magazine Volume 425 - January 2016 - Page 13

AEROSPACE KMF PRECISION SHEET METAL “We pride ourselves on solving problems. We are not solely subcontract sheet metal specialists, but we also help to design product with a full-time design team” ally invest to remain ahead of the curve. We've invested over £1m this year alone in automated folding equipment which enables us to stay competitive on a truly global level. Also, these machines are very diverse and will allow us to manufacture not only large batch sizes but also produce smaller batches without the burden of long set-ups. It really adds to our flexi- bility in regard to how we can rapidly introduce prototypes from design to market within days,” details Rduch further. But of course, it isn't solely a case of investment alone which allows KMF to maintain its position at the fore in their industry. Backed up by a wealth of expertise and a positive, proactive problem-solving approach to challenges presented by the modern-day client, the KMF approach is one to help develop new ways of designing, manufacturing and delivering products direct to the market. As Rduch explains: “We pride ourselves on solving problems. We are not solely subcontract sheet metal specialists, but we also help to design product, with a full-time design team who collaborate with customers either on a blue-sky idea, where they don't have a solid concept yet, or helping to drive modern day best practice into a current design. Ultimately our niche is to support a challenging customers base in getting new product to market quicker than anyone else.” Additionally, through having such a varied and diverse customer base across the different business units, KMF remains a company oft unsurprised by the needs of the modern client. With extensive experience with all manner of client with regard to shape, size, industry and demand, it is, as Rduch enthuses, rarely the case that the company will have yet to work on a project similar enough that it can apply that knowledge to the project and benefit from a profound understanding of how best to approach the job. “Looking to the future, it is primarily in the aerospace sector where we will see KMF truly come into its own. Though a relatively new player to this market, the company brings with it a multitude of new ideas and concepts which have already been well received by a number of industry-recognised names. In a year's time, we hope to see just how far KMF have come, but also just how far KMF has pushed the boundaries in a hugely challenging but rewarding marketplace.” MANUFACTURING AND ENGINEERING MAGAZINE 11