Manufacturing and Engineering Magazine Volume 425 - January 2016 - Page 11

AEROSPACE MIDLANDS AEROSPACE ALLIANCE their customers, whether it's Airbus or RollsRoyce through their own technologies, such as lighter components or a manufacturing process to make parts faster, then they need to be aware of existing technologies, understand how they can be inserted into aircraft and develop their own intellectual property.” Where the MAA comes in specifically is, on the one hand to support this collaboration, whilst on the other hand trying to support member businesses which may be rich in experience on the factory floor, but may not have the relationships needed with key industry partners and educational establishments to drive forward research and development, new technologies and production methodologies. And by tapping into this resource with the MAA's guidance, companies are able to over- come many of the key challenges currently being faced in the aerospace industry, such as that of increasing demands for efficiency, productivity and overall manufacturing capacity. For supply chain members of the aerospace industry, specifically smaller enterprises struggling to be ^\