Mansfield ISD Magazine Winter 2015 - Page 32

Middle School Students Show Spirit of Giving to Neighboring Elementary Students F or the 25th consecutive year, students from Worley Middle School celebrated their holiday tradition of adopting kids in need from nearby Alice Ponder Elementary School to give them a special day to remember. Adopt-a-Child Day is coordinated by Worley’s student council. The elementary school students go to different classrooms set up with decorations, food, and presents just for them. A teacher noted that some of the middle schoolers didn’t ask their parents to give. Instead, the students contributed in their own way. Smiles were on full display in each room. Children’s faces lit up as each gift was being handed to them, the middle schoolers watched in delight to see their gifts make an impact, and staff grinned in delight viewing the selflessness of it all. “It really was a whole team effort,” said eighth grader Naomi Nebe, who is also a student council member. “We were all so excited to set it up and create these great memories for the kids. 817.472.0404 "There is no trouble so great or grave that cannot be diminished by dog kisses." Founded 1991 2150 W I-20 , Arlington Hours: Mon - Fri 8a - 6p Sat 9a - 5p Sun 2p - 6p New Client Special! Receive $20 off your 1st visit! 30 Mansfield School & Family Present ad at time of service Expires 12/31/16