Mansfield ISD Magazine Winter 2015 - Page 31

TCC Dual Credit Courses M ansfield ISD is proud to partner with Tarrant County College to offer dual credit courses to high school juniors and seniors. Qualifying students can earn up to 48 semester credit hours through the early college enrollment agreement. More than 1,700 MISD students have taken advantage of this opportunity, and have earned more credit hours than several surrounding districts combined. Iva Galvan is a junior at Legacy High School and a great example of a student who has taken full advantage of the dual credit opportunities available. We had the opportunity to talk with her about her experience with higher education. Tell us about the dual credit courses you are currently enrolled in. I am currently enrolled in TCC US History I, TCC English Composition I, and TCC Elementary Statistical Methods (Statistics). What made you want to pursue dual credit courses? Photographer: Pedro Rocha Describe your experience taking dual credit courses this school year. The first couple of weeks I needed to adjust, my history professor lectured everyday while I had to be constantly writing down notes and made sure I was paying close attention. In my English class, the professor was very strict and I had to review my essays with mainly my peers for feedback. At times it was stressful because I am not a very talkative person and it definitely made me get out of my comfort zone a bit. There were some days I had to go back to a lesson and re-teach myself because I did not understand it in class, but I began to memorize equations and historical events with all the repetition I did. I heard and read about the benefits of taking college courses during high school over the summer. These courses will give me college hours before I graduate, giving me an advantage in receiving a college degree faster than most students. I also wanted to have an idea on how college classes and the professors are different from Pre AP and AP classes I still take and have taken in the past.  What have you enjoyed most about dual credit courses? TCC classes have made me feel more independent because my professors don’t ask me about my grades or care whether or not I pass their class or not. They will help you but you have to be motivated as well.   What extra curricular activities are you involved in at Legacy High School? What are your hobbies? I was in marching band during my freshman and sophomore year but I decided to quit so that I can have more time and focus on my grades.   I love to draw and paint in my free time, play my clarinet, cook pastries, listen to music, and play chess. Any tips for students considering enrolling in future dual credit courses? Do not procrastinate! There will be essays in your history and English classes that may be up to six pages long and you do not want to be up in the middle of the night writing it all and waking up sleep deprived the next day, trust me. Print your essays ahead of time, do not depend on other people or the library to print out your paper the morning it is due. Take good notes that you will be able to go back and study on. Do not be afraid to ask questions either during or before and after class, chances are there might be another person with the same question as you. Mansfield Mansfield School School & & Family Family 29 29