Mansfield ISD Magazine Winter 2015 - Page 23

Kadence Buchanan 5 th grader at Asa Low Intermediate Either a singer or a veterinarian. A dolphin or an owl because dolphins are smart and graceful and owls have really good eyesight and pay close attention to details. Ryan Williamson 4 th grader at D.P. Morris Elementary I want to play in the NBA. I’m like a lion because I’m fierce! No because there’s a ton of work! No, because I have other dreams that I want to follow. I’m thankful for my friends and everything I have in my life. My parents because they do everything for me and they’re always there for me. No because it’s too hard to stick to one thing. Yes, my resolution is to continue to be a good kid and keep living the life I’m living. Mansfield School & Family 21