Mansfield ISD Magazine Winter 2015 - Page 2

Voted  Best   Orthodon=st   Winner  in  Arlington/Mansfield   Dr.  Jed  Hildebrand  &  Kai   got braces? •  $0  First  Visit   •  FREE  Smile  Consulta=on        Includes  x-­‐ray  and  exam   WAIT! Did you check SPELLING/GRAMMAR, CORRECTNESS OF INFORMATION & CONTACT? •  We  accept  your   insurance   and  file  if  for  you        (PPO,  HMO,  Delta  Dental…)   *Colors on this proof may not accurately reflect the printed magazine. Read complete copy carefully. Mark any errors and/or corrections clearly. Failure to acknowledge or return proof will no obligations. Chansen is not responsible for manufacturing defects to include, color, clarity, smear, bubbles, trim, binding, ink jetting, signatures or any and all elements relating to the manufac Chansen reserves the right to alter any photos and copy that Chansen deems unethical or not in good standards. ** By initialing this page, you are acknowledging your acceptance of this pro terms and conditions of your contract. Win  $500   for  your  school  group  or  team   Tell  us  why  your  MISD  school  group  or  team   needs   $500.   Include   informaOon   describing   how  this  sponsorship  money  would  be  used   and  the  posiOve  effect  it  would  have  on  your   group.   The   winner   will   be   selected   by   the   Hildebrand   staff   and   released   in   next   1 Mansfield M School & S Family month’s   ISD   chool  &  Family  Magazine.     Mail  or  deliver  your  entry  to:   Dr.  Hildebrand   C/O  MISD  Contest   2200  I-­‐20  West,  Suite  100     Arlington,  Tx  76017   Email: