Mansfield ISD Magazine Summer 2016 - Page 9

Two MISD Campuses Named as AVID National Demonstration Schools T.A. Howard Middle School staff and AVID ambassadors were proud to be announced as an AVID Demonstration School. T wo Mansfield ISD campuses have proven they have programs that are in the top 2 percent in the world that foster a college-going culture. Timberview High School and T.A. Howard Middle School have been selected as National Demonstration Schools by Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID). AVID is a college-readiness system for grades 5-12 designed to increase the number of students who enroll in four-year colleges or universities. The program provides educators with proven, real- world strategies to accelerate the performance of underrepresented students so that these students and all students across the entire campus succeed in college, career, and life. “Being an AVID National Demonstration School means that we have a campus that other schools around the nation can come to in order to learn the best practices of what an AVID program can do for students and teachers,” said Angela Martin, AVID coordinator for MISD. “I’m very proud of everyone who helped make this happen because it shows that we are the best of the best.” and reviews. The campuses will be revalidated every few years to ensure high levels of implementation. “My charge is to ensure all kids perform at high levels,” said Dr. Maria Gamell, principal at Howard Middle School. “We say that ‘all means all,’ and being a National Demonstration School means that we really are holding ourselves up to that standard.” Students who are about to graduate from the program said it gave them the necessary skills to excel in institutions of higher education. “I’ll be the first person in my family to attend college,” said Timberview senior Rakinder Sanghera. “AVID has helped me know what I need to do and the behaviors I need to have to get to the next level.” Mansfield ISD is now home to three AVID National Demonstration Schools. James Coble Middle School earned the distinction in 2014. AVID is implemented in more than 5,600 schools internationally, and Timberview High and Howard Middle join approximately 150 other AVID National Demonstration Schools. The schools were selected through a rigorous validation process that included site visits, screenings, Timberview High School staff and AVID students took part in the site visit that determined whether the campus would be validated. Mansfield School & Family 7