Mansfield ISD Magazine Spring 2017 - Page 29

Sophia Ortiz 8 th grade, T.A. Howard Middle School Tyler Robinson 12 th grade, Lake Ridge High School We’re going to San Antonio because we have family down there. We’re just going to be exploring around and having family time. I’m going to Cali with the family. It’s like a family reunion down there, and we’re all just linking up together. I think being optimistic and a kind person are my best qualities. I’m just very welcoming. I’ll make you feel like you’ve known me for a long time even if I just met you. I’m not judgmental. 1. For world peace. 2. For everyone to be kind and respectful to one another. 3. For all of my family to live long, successful and happy lives. 1. To ask my grandpa questions. He passed away. I would wish to ask him more questions about life now that I’m older. 2. To be able to provide for my family financially with no issues. 3. To wish for more wishes so I could keep wishing. I want to learn how to cook a bunch of different things and even make my own kind of food with different experiments of recipes. I would like to learn how to play the guitar. A baby pig. I would name him Walnut. An otter. Fall. That’s also my birthday season. I just love the weather, the breeze and the colors. My favorite season is summer because “suns out, guns (muscles) out.” Mansfield School & Family 27