Mansfield ISD Magazine Spring 2016 - Page 34

Space Night Blasts Off with Chat from Astronaut H ow do you get students excited about science? At Asa Low Intermediate School, you immerse them into the subject using several fun and interactive activities. Low Intermediate’s seventh annual Space Night was held on Jan. 29. When parents and students entered through the doors, they walked into an outer space experience—literally. Students were taking pictures inside of a replica space suit, getting up close to a shuttle stack artifact from NASA, and inspecting real moon rocks under a magnifying glass. “We want to show them anything is possible,” said science teacher Patricia Londono who helped coordinate the event. “I personally am so excited about anything related to space, and I want to pass that enthusiasm on to our students.” The special guest of the night was Dr. Don Pettit, a scientist and veteran NASA astronaut who lived and worked on the International Space Station. Students had the chance to ask Pettit questions via Skype about his space travel and what it’s like to be an astronaut. An Asa Low parent observed the NASA shuttle stack artifact with his children and Principal Jason Short. Students, parents, and staff said the night was a success. Londono hopes the students were able to leave with a sparked interest in the science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields. Gifts of Love to Our Four-Legged Soldiers T hey may be cute and cuddly, but don’t let the fur fool you. Military dogs are an integral part to the protection of our country. Students and staff at Anna May Daulton Elementary School helped those four-legged soldiers get the support they need by raising money and collecting supplies to ship overseas. Through Operation Military Care K9, the campus sent the military dogs and their handlers items to keep them healthy and protect them from harsh weather conditions. “I want the kids to know how important these dogs are to our military,” said Lynn Kostel, librarian at Daulton who organized the fundraiser. “These dogs are nobody’s pet, and they’re vital to the survival of our guys.” All branches of the armed forces utilize military service dogs specializing in drug and bomb detection. The canines sniff out narcotics, search for explosives, and support in other roles. A Fort Hood soldier showed Daulton students his dog’s talents. 32 Mansfield School & Family To kick off the fundraiser, Fort Hood soldiers visited the school with their canine partners to demonstrate how the dogs are used in different missions. The kids and adults were excited to see the dogs as they exhibited their talents.