Mansfield ISD Magazine Spring 2016 - Page 31

FBI Agents Teach Internet Safety to Students and Parents I n a world of selfies, social media, and instant messaging, Della Icenhower Intermediate School invited the FBI to educate their students and parents about safe internet practices. “I realized the need for it when I saw some of the things students are posting these days,” said fifth grade teacher Tabitha Clarke. “They have to realize that these pictures and posts are going to live forever on the internet, and anyone can access them.” The FBI special agent enlightened the students on how to protect themselves from online predators, how to prevent cyberbullying, and the dangers of sending explicit pictures. A lot of the students and staff in the room did not realize that 13 is the age of consent for most social media sites. Teacher Tabitha Clarke and Icenhower students found the cyber safety tips very useful. “It’s our responsibility to ensure the safety of children,” said supervisory special agent Miguel A. Clarke. “We have to teach them how to protect themselves on the internet. It’s also an opportunity for them to have positive interactions with law enforcement.” The fifth and sixth graders were encouraged to bring their parents later that night for a lesson on how to monitor internet usage. Here are a few tips to remember: INTERNET SAFETY FOR STUDENTS Don’t give out or post personal information. Keep profiles and pictures private. INTERNET SAFETY FOR PARENTS Deny friend requests from people you do not know AND if you can’t see their profile. Don’t give out or post personal information. Share what you’re doing with your parents. Review rules of computer use with your children. Never meet in person with anyone you first “met” on the internet. Know who your child talks to online. Keep the home computer in a public place. Don’t tolerate cyberbullying. Mansfield School & Family 29