Mansfield ISD Magazine Spring 2016 - Page 24

ASK MISD Kids Skylar Daniels 4 th grader at Glenn Harmon Elementary questions Aiden Bond 4 th grader at Erma Nash Elementary A teacher or an actress. All of my teachers so far have been amazing, and I want to be just like them. An engineer because I am fascinated with technology especially robots. That’s a hard one. I had a macaroni and cheese phase, and then a pancake phase. Chicken fried rice. I like Asian foods. What is your favorite TV Show? Sam and Cat because I can relate to both of them. One’s funny and one’s more serious. Gravity Falls because of all the mysteries they get to uncover. What are you going to do for Spring Break? I’m going to Florida to hang out with my dad. I’m going to Big Ben National Park with my dad and brother. We’re going to hike and stargaze. What is your favorite thing about school? Meeting my teachers, making new friends, and learning new things every day. Math. It just always seemed easy to me. Magnificent Intelligent What do you want to be when you grow up? What is your favorite food? What is one word that best describes you? 22 Mansfield School & Family