Mansfield ISD Magazine Fall 2019 - Page 15

ANTI-BULLYING ACTIVITIES Although the observance is a month long, the various anti-bullying lessons learned at each MISD school are meant to carry on throughout the school year. “Anti-bullying efforts are important because they assist students with developing the necessary social and emotional skills to ensure appropriate interactions with their peers,” said Dr. Kelvin Stroy, director of student conversation about being a friend and speaking up against bullying allowed them to go back to their parents and continue those talks,” said Principal Tamara Liddell. Liddell added that her school will be launching Kindness Month in November by participating in weekly community service projects in hopes that a character of caring is instilled into each student. “When you talk about digital citizen, you’re covering a wide array of topics, but the overall message is to be kind online and create a positive impact,” explained Sara Wills, educational technology trainer. “We teach all students about internet safety, cyberbullying and fact checking. Kids are using technology at such an early age, so it’s never too young to let them know how to use the internet in the correct manner.” Wills said students who learn digital citizenship are equipped with the knowledge, skills and resources to succeed in a technological world. services. “Students learn how to care for the well-being of others and, in the process, develop a culture that promotes kindness and compassion toward all.” According to stopbullying. gov, adults can play a major part in digital citizenship by Students across the district, like these children from Roberta Tipps Elementary simply being School, proudly wear blue on Oct. 7 for World Day of Bullying Prevention. a role model. Dr. Stroy Through noted that their own the district has protocols in place good behavior, parents, teacher and to address bullying, but it’s also DIGITAL CITIZENSHIP other caregivers can help prevent important to teach students how to harmful behavior from happening, establish positive relations to help Digital citizenship was also a main including cyberbullying. prevent bullying from happening. area of focus during National Bullying Prevention Month. Digital citizenship MISD campuses hosted anti-bullying refers to responsible technology usage. meetings, made kindness pledges, This includes social media, websites, Students learn how to care for wore unity colors, and hosted days online forums, chat groups, mobile the well-being of others and, in in which students were encouraged apps and other device features. the process, develop a culture to sit with someone different and that promotes kindness and make new friends. Schools like Age-appropriate instruction and compassion toward all. Janet Brockett Elementary School activities emphasized how students even included anti-bullying tips on should think critically about DR. KELVIN STROY the morning announcements with DIRECTOR OF what they see online, understand “what would you do” scenarios. STUDENT SERVICES the benefits and risks of sharing information, and balance screen “We wanted our entire community time with other activities. to have a part in these anti-bullying activities, so being able to start the “ MANSFIELDTODAY 15