Mansfield ISD Magazine Fall 2017 - Page 23

School Board Trustee Profile - Darrell Sneed   What would be the perfect afternoon for you? A perfect afternoon for me would be watching the Dallas Cowboys destroy their opponent.   Who was your role model as a kid? Why? My grandmother was my role model because of her strong faith and humility. She demonstrated unconditional love for family and strangers alike.   Give us a brief bio of your career.   What schools did you attend? I grew up in Houston. Then, I attended the University of Texas at El Paso where I received a Bachelor of Science in Education. I later attended the University of North Texas and received a master’s degree in public school administration.   What is one quote that has become your life’s motto? “I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.” I served as a classroom teacher and coach for seven years in San Antonio and Birdville ISD. The next 27 years, I served in various roles in administration. It was never about titles, but about helping students see their potential.   What makes you so passionate about Mansfield ISD? I love Mansfield ISD for a number of reasons. I was blessed to work with some great educators like Vernon Newsom, Claude Cunningham, Judy Miller, Debbie Stevenson, Christie Alfred and so many more. Also, my three kids attended and graduated from Mansfield ISD. It’s hard to find a district more supportive and committed to providing students with a quality life experience in the school system. There are great parents in every corner of the district. Darrell Sneed enjoys spending time with his wife, who also works for Mansfield ISD, and his three children. Mansfield School & Family 21