Mansfield ISD Magazine Fall 2017 - Page 19

The support for those affected by cancer continues in the 2017-18 school year through MISD’s Colors for Caring days. Everyone is encouraged to wear a cancer color on the first Monday of the month. Students all over the district, including those at Rogene Worley Middle School, put safety first while viewing the rare solar eclipse. Crossing guards Bill and Wilma heard that a young girl practiced being a crossing guard at home, so they bought her a safety vest and let her hold their sign. MISD elementary schools celebrated Grandparents Day. At Thelma Jones Elementary School, families took part in a photoshoot as well. Board President Raul Gonzalez, Board Vice President Karen Marcucci and Tarrant County Commissioner Andy Nguyen were a few of the district and community leaders who attended the annual prayer breakfast. Student office aides at Donna Shepard Intermediate School spread positivity by leaving notes and treats in staff mailboxes. Mansfield School & Family 17