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When we tap into Source energy, we connect to something that is so profoundly beautiful, it can leave you in a state of immense awe and gratitude. When we tap into Source Energy we "jump" into the natural flow of life. In learning how to tap into this magnificent alchemy, we can create anything. There are no limits. It is a personal choice to open up and expand our ability to imagine life as we want it and then create it. In making that conscious choice, we begin to gradually shift our consciousness, releasing anything that does not align with our soul.

Source Energy is unconditionally loving. Divine Source is God, Universal Consciousness, a connectedness to all that there is. I personally use the word "God" because it is a concept that I was raised with. However, as I go deeper into this magnificent Oneness... I see that my understanding of what and who God is is continuously shifting. However, there is one constant. And that is that I know that this higher power is love. And S/he only wants us to be serenely peaceful, happy...abundant. Our natural state of being is Joy. And when we choose to live in alignment with our souls...we reside in deeper levels of joy...a lasting bliss. As we choose to grow in our healing and expansion - profound beauty is found.

Do you know when you are in Divine flow? Have you ever had a day, in which everything went perfectly well? When you noticed gorgeous synchronicity... Everything lined up beautifully. And at the end of the day, you came home and literally sighed in deep appreciation. That's Divine flow, and

for some, those days are few and far between. The literally "The Secret". You know - The Law of Attraction. Like attracts like. If you want to be have to choose to be happy. How can one instantly become happy? By making a conscious choice to begin being mindful of everything that resonates with positive vibration deep within us.

Close your eyes and visualize the best day of your life. Usually when people do this, they think of something extraordinary. They remember when they met their beloved or gave birth to their child or got the job that they wanted. If you want more of those amazing days, you are the one that creates the synchronicity that lines everything up to create awe inspiring experiences. You are the one that taps into Source Energy. Believe you can do it and you will!

Years ago, I went through "The Dark Night of the Soul". I lost two houses, a car, jobs, family, friends and my health. I didn't feel worthy of life. And I had a victim mentality. I kept almost dying. What brought me back to life (literally)? A deep knowing that there was so much more than what I was experiencing. And an inner knowing that if I could see the magnificence in everyone else... That I must have had a small fragment within as well. Slowly I began implementing everything that I had been studying my whole life about Universal Laws, Buddhism, Mysticism, Shamanism, Hinduism, Quantum Physics and the innate power, love and Divine light that we all hold. I slowly began listening to my quiet, inner knowing. Spirit and my highest self were guiding me towards living my purpose and my passion.

As I began to follow my bliss, I healed four autoimmune dis-eases, lost 90 pounds, became a Reiki Master and came into full self-actualization, when I began living as a shaman and writer. I tapped into Source Energy and

What Is "Source Energy"? How Tapping In Can Change Your Life

"Our natural state of being is Joy. And when we choose to live in alignment with our souls...we reside in deeper levels of joy...a lasting bliss."

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