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International News Australian Market Report Q3 Car shoppers feeling webto-showroom disconnect Readers of our Market Report will be no strangers to the topic of online vehicle shopping, which we have covered in detail in past issues. Cox Automotive have led the way when it comes to consumer research, however this time we are taking a look at an interesting study by Accenture, on the disconnect car buyers are feeling between the online experience and the showroom visit. M ore and more people are looking for their next vehicle online. That’s changed the nature of brick-and-mortar shopping, with many buyers starting the process digitally and finishing it at the dealership. But a recent survey from Accenture revealed that shoppers are feeling a disconnect between their web and showroom experiences. Consumers in the U.S., China and Germany who recently purchased a vehicle were asked to rate their perception of “seamless integration” on a scale of 1 to 4, with 4 being “most integrated.” The average rating was 2.32. “Today’s consumers, influenced by digital technology, are driving the car-buying process. They are visiting showrooms to seek distinct information to supplement the information found on the web, and want counsel from product and customer experts instead of a traditional sales presentation,” said Axel Schmidt, managing director in Accenture’s automotive practice. > 4