Manheim-Australian-Market-Report-Q3-2016 - Page 18

Australian Market Report Manheim Insights Q3 Trends for Age, Kilometres and Sale Prices Economic conditions and industry trends influence the prevailing market in a number of ways. For regular readers of our Quarterly Reports, you may recall a previous article where we analysed trends for age, kilometres and sale prices in early 2015. Given the variable market conditions over the almost two years since we first reviewed the data, we felt it was timely to see how the trends have played out. We take a fresh look at the story which takes into account full year sales in 2015 and the first three quarters of 2016. I t will come as no surprise to read that the age, kilometres and the sale prices of used vehicles are intrinsically linked. They influence a vehicle’s value and demand in the used vehicle marketplace, regardless of the way they are offered for sale. Whether they are sold at auction or via BuyNow at Manheim, or listed for sale online in CarsGuide or even in a newspaper, car buyers are conditioned to take all three variables into account when determining their view of a vehicle’s value. While the condition of a vehicle, previous ownership, service history, new car affordability and the location of a vehicle are just some of the other factors affecting its market price, the three aforementioned variables no doubt have the greatest impact on the price buyers are prepared to pay. Economic conditions and industry trends influence the prevailing market in a number of ways. If consumer confidence is low for example, new vehicle buying intention is often affected. Private buyers delay the purchase of a new vehicle, despite the attractive interest rates and great drive away deals, racking up the kilometres and increasing the age of their vehicle before they are finally ready to buy. Likewise for &vRfV6RfVWG2WfVG27V62FRtd2@7V'6WVVBW&G2bV6֖07F&ƗG7G2'W6W706fFV6RBFR&V6GFfW7BWrfV6W2ࠤ6&RFW"fV6W2vFvW WG&W26֖rFFRW6V@fV6R6W26V2BFR6PFRB&6R26V&ǒ7FVBआrFW2FR&WB&V7BF066SrFW2F26RFPVwFbFRfV6W2&RWBfVWB"fW&vRV6RFW3'6&rfVW2g&#W7B2FRtd2v2GFr#vVvRvW&R7BF&VvFPv'7BbBB#BV6א&frBF&VRV'2&pb֖ƖW2Wr6"6W2vP6VB6V&ǒ6VRFR&VF6&WGvVVF&VRࠤrBW"6W2FFW Ǘ62v2'G&VBFRf'7@6WBbfwW&W2vR&W'FVBV&ǒ#RW6rFRV"#`2&6Rf"6&6bFW6PF&VRf&&W2FRfW&vRvRWG&W2B'W&6RvW&P76vVBfVRbrvFFRWFFVBfwW&W06VFr#RBF2`#bvR6V6ǒ6VRFRG&VG0&R6V&ǒ6FVr&WGvVV#bB#FRfW&vRfVW0f"F&VRf&&W2vW&RfW'7F&RࠤBF27FvRFR&6R'WW'2vW&PrfW&vRv2bW"6V@vW"F#bvFFRfVPVVB'FR&VFfR6'B7WǐbW6VBfV6W2FR&WBfW FR&V6VFrV'2GVRFFP&V62VFVBV&ƖW"ࠤ6&VBG&VG0f&&P#`###@#`bvPPbP#BPcPrPbРPBP#PC2PcPb'W&6PPPBPPs2P##PbvP#PV6W2&RWFVFVBB6琦vVBfV6W2&RVBFvFFRfW&vRvRBWG&W0V6ǒw&vr2'W6W76W2v@WBf"6v2bV6֖2&V6fW'ࠣP6vBV2FFRW6VBfV6P&WBvVFRV6ג60WB67VW"B'W6W706fFV6R7F'G2F&fS𠣃P6W&6SVW6VB6"&WB&W'@2FRgVf&6RbFRtd2v0fVBW7G&Ɩ֖B#@#fV6W27F'FrF6PfbfVWB2FRWF&fV@#vW&R66FW&&RFW W#BW"6VBBBvW WG&W2W#W"6VBࠤbРcPCP#Pb'W&6PPcP#`###@#`