Manheim-Australian-Market-Report-Q3-2016 - Page 15

Special Report Australian Market Report Q3 Continuing our in-depth look at autonomous vehicles in this issue, we bring you the results of a ‘Future Autonomous Vehicle Driver Study’, recently released by Cox Automotive brand, Kelley Blue Book. KBB is the vehicle valuation and information source trusted and relied upon by both US consumers and the automotive industry. Driver Study Future Autonomous Vehicle With new vehicle technologies being reported every day, autonomous (or self-driving) vehicles are capturing the attention of the automotive industry, consumers, dealers and developers alike. However, the research from Kelley Blue Book reveals that drivers are most comfortable with the vehicles currently on the road today, believing that they are significantly safer than models with a higher level of autonomy. K elley Blue Book commissioned the national US study to understand current consumer perceptions and misconceptions of autonomous vehicles overall and by each level of autonomy. The survey, conducted by market research firm Vital Findings, found that consumers are torn between the need for safety and the desire for control, with 51 per cent of respondents replying that they prefer to have full control of their vehicle, even if it’s not as safe for other drivers, while 49 per cent prefer to have a safer roadway for all, even if that means they have less control over their own vehicle. > 15