Manheim-Australian-Market-Report-Q3-2016 - Page 14

Australian Market Report Manheim Market Analysis Q3 Manheim Used Passenger Cars by Segment Unlike every other segment in Q3, the age of Rental vehicles sold during the quarter increased. A verage kms were up a whopping 16 per cent (14,041km) which is the largest quarterly increase on record. Buyers considering cars with an extra 14,000km on the clock factored in the increased wear and tear and prices fell as a result. On average vehicles sold for approximately $3,000 less in Q3 compared to Q2. The higher average kms were not entirely to blame for the price drop however.With the acquisition of some new Rental companies as Manheim customers in recent months, specialising in renting out older and cheaper vehicles, the mix of this segment was markedly different in Q3 than normal. With fleets consisting of lower value vehicles with higher kms than usual, the impact on average pricing was felt across the quarter. It will be interesting to see what the impact of a different m `&VFfV6W2&VrffW&VBf 6RvfRFRvW"FW&ࠥFR7B7F&R6VvVB2v0FRFVW"6VvVBFW&Rv2ǐ6ƖvBfVVBFRfW&vPvRv6v2FvFrV'0BfW&vRg&"ƖWv6RFW&Rv2ǒ6&6PFRfW&vR2vFFVW 6VvVBfV6W26vrfW&vRWG&32G&fVV@6&VBFF6R6B"ࠥFRVffV7G2b&Ff&&W2v6&RFRGvf&&W0ffV7Fr&6R7B66VV@V6FW"WBFR7BFRfW&vR&6Rv2&vvF֖67VRfbC"fW&vR&V6&FVBf"6W206&VBF"ࠣ@