Mane Rail & Infrastructure Issue 9 - February 2018 - Page 7



underground by 2019

Have you ever been late to a meeting and not been able to call ahead, maybe you missed out on a job because you couldn’t get the directions up to your interview whilst on the way. Many commuters will spend a large portion of their day underneath the capital, hoping from one train to another. This time could be very productive, if only you could pull up that email from your boss and make a few phone calls to get a head start on the day. Well London Mayor Shadiq Khan’s ambitious plan for 2019 will see that no one can ever use the excuse “sorry I was on the tube” for missing a call again.

By 2019 TfL will have laid the new fire cables to allow full 4G coverage on the London Underground. After a successful trial of the technology on the City and Waterloo line, we move ever closer to being connect to the web at all times. The four major mobile network operators (O2, Vodafone, EE & Three) all participated in designing the trail which took place summer 2017. During the trial data calls were tested from one station to another without dropping reception, general mobile activity such as checking emails and social media were also tested.

To better understand how a 4G mobile network could be introduced on the Tube, TfL began market engagement with suitable service providers in September last year. This modernisation of the tube is sure to increase customer satisfaction and eagerly awaited.