Mane Rail & Infrastructure Issue 9 - February 2018 - Page 10


2017 was a fantastic year for the Rail and Infrastructure team here at Mane. We had a large client spend over £2 Million with us and exceed our yearly target. We continue to supply large projects such as St Marys Axe, Newfoundland building and Thames Tideway into 2018. We have also expanded our work across Europe, supplying workers for projects in countries such as Hungary, Germany, France, Italy and The Netherlands. As we move into 2018 we are excited for upcoming contracts to begin, Europe will be a key focus for us as well as TFL Frameworks. Below are just a few of the projects we're on.

Darrell Atkins

Rail and Infrastructure Manager

70 St Mary Axe "CAN OF HAM"

"The project is going very well. Being on programme, which is a rarity in the city of London, is especially impressive considering we only work day shifts. As you can see, not only are we on schedule we are doing it in a well organised manner, a good project coming close to completion."

Jay Jermy (Contractor)

Structural Steel Site Manager

Thames Tideway

We began working on the Tideway project in 2017 and will continue providing labour for various parts of the project.

2017 - 2018 Project Updates

Photo Credit: Jay Jermy