Mane Rail & Infrastructure Issue 11 - November 2018 - Page 15



Having arrived at Mane at the start 2018, but having been in the industry for much longer – Donna Murphy, Mane’s recruitment specialist for permanent contracts in the Rail and Built Environment divisions has built up an enviable reputation.

Donna prides herself on building long-term relationships with clients and candidates and delivering a high level of service in an efficient manner, a well-utilised skill built up in a past-life from her time as a police officer.

Installing the values and skills such as gaining trust, remaining organised and keeping on top of important items whilst remaining calm and collect, the regimented life has been one that Donna has lived and breathed for a number of years. These provided her with transferable skills that can be carried over into many roles. Working at Mane alongside a team of 15 strong members allows Donna continuity with her ability to remain in close contact with others whilst finding solutions and working collaboratively on projects.

Being in a position of authority has always suited Donna. Whilst earning the job title of Head of Permanent Recruitment– Infrastructure, as recently as September 2018, she became an official ambassador for Women in Construction. She became a figurehead for the cause, and this allowed Donna to further growing her already large network of professionals in the industry which can be fairly male-dominated.

The network Donna has built up comes from recruiting across the industry for a variety of roles including: Document Controllers, Construction Managers, Project Managers, BIM/CAD, Planners, Estimators, Quantity Surveyors, HSQE, Commercial Managers, Operations Managers, Associate Directors and Directors.

Across all of the industry’s different sectors, Donna’s specialty lies in Aviation. With airports and their staff already having to obey and follow strict and regimented safety procedures, Donna’s background in the police is advantageous in proving trust and reliability. It is an industry that is forever undergoing maintenance in order to keep up with the world’s growing demand for air travel and it is with this where Donna Murphy thrives. Ultimately, the aviation staffing life might have chosen her as oppose to the other way round.

As a woman highly-sought after by those who know her and a world out there gradually getting to know her – she is already in some circles the first name people call in Built Environment recruitment, but surely it is only a matter of time until Donna Murphy becomes the only name.

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