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Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is taking responsibility for the recent issues regarding Facebook’s leaks and privacy issues. Social media juggernauts Facebook have come under intense scrutiny about their platforms privacy and data-sharing policies due to the scandal that emerged in March when around 50 million Americans and a million Brits personal data had been harvested from the site and improperly shared with Cambridge Analytica.

Since then, no one has been disciplined or dismissed at Facebook as Zuckerberg has taken full responsibility after admitting that the company did not do enough to focus on preventing events like this from happening. Zuckerberg has said that they will focus on a three-year push to try and safeguard their existing system. While Facebook’s safeguarding will slowly be improving, Zuckerberg doesn’t see it happening in the immediate future due to ‘’how complex Facebook is and how many systems there are and how we have to rethink our relationship with people’’.

In more recent months, a Facebook bug changed a limited number of profiles sharing settings to ‘public’ for up to fourteen million users. The bug lasted from May 18th to May 27th which left many unaware that their ‘private’ posts were not so private anymore. They were being shared with the whole of Facebook. This is just another mishap in the company’s ongoing privacy issues. Not only did the bug last ten days, it took another five days for them to rectify it. The trust users have in Facebook will continue to decrease, a mere apology every time they slip up is just not sufficient enough.

With Facebook user’s confidence in the company plunging with each privacy scandal after the next, it is evident that Facebook need to take the appropriate steps in ensuring they are not misusing users personal information. The internet giants need to now focus on ensuring that their privacy policies are finely reviewed and user’s data is not misused in the future.

Facebook has started to go back to what it once was by doing more to keep you safe and protect your privacy. The aim is to get back to what made them good in the first place, the loving social network where you could connect with friends with no other worries.