Mane Product & Technology Issue 5 - August 2018 - Page 5

ONEPLUS have made a big name for themselves thanks to some clever marketing. Offering Samsung/Apple level phones at lower prices, they're one to watch.

HONOR is seen by a few as one of the industries best kept secrets. Offering similar level phones that are well marketed, the secret might not be secret much longer.

XIAOMI are a name not seen or recognised by many. Their devices are primarily for sale online only on their site, but offer similar specs to those top brands.


HUAWEI have been producing smart phones for a number of years. The brand is one of many emerging Chinese companies shocking the market.

BLACKBERRY years ago was all the rage. Boasting their popular Blackberry Messenger platform and easy social posting, once technology evolved, their product did not.

HTC had a rise to prominence producing quality Android phones around the time the OS launched. Got left behind when other started making Android phones.

Technology has meant even smaller manufacturers can make phones of similar spec to some of the tech giants, but with the smaller name brand comes less credibility.

Here we look at some of the giants of the market, and those brands, mainly from China, producing phones just as good, and in some cases even better than the other top contenders in the smart phone industry.