Mane Product & Technology Issue 5 - August 2018 - Page 14






Beats, Bose, Bang + Olufsen & JBL are some of the giants of the audio industry.

All produce great speakers and headphones with some becoming a fashion statement on their own.

Nuraphone has produced award winning sound which caters its levels automatically to your ears by measuring your ear drums.

The headphones optimize the sound without you realizing in order to give you the best personal sound you can get.

Available in wired and wireless connections whilst also looking stylish, keep an eye out for Nuraphone near you.

CTRL LABS Digital Capture Wristband

The innovative guys and girls at CTRL Labs have been hard at work and come up with a sensation piece of kit.

Using a wristband that reads the electrical bursts that the human body emits and can relay that onto the screen.

Demonstrations of this technology showed a 3D image of a hand replicating the users hand movements just from the wristband.

Even more impressively, when the user just made hs fingers look like they were dancing, like he was typing out a letter - the words appeared on the screen.

In 2018 - is typing on a keyboard already old technology?


Google never fails to find a new way to give people technology they didn't know they wanted, much like rivals Apple.

Introducing Google Duplex, which is an add on to the Google Assistant found in the Google Home and Android devices.

Duplex is an AI that can have conversations with real people and adapt to a number of situations.

Duplex can book your table at a restaurant, organize your next hair or nail appointment and more.

he technology is in its infancy so can only improve. Google's digital assistant just might deserve a promotion in the near future if it keeps impressing us!