Mane Energy Issue 9 - March 2018 - Page 4

What will change by 2030?

As we grow ever more aware of our impact on the planet, companies / governing bodies are implementing legislation and policies in an attempt to reduce the growing issue of climate change. By 2030 the way we operate our day to day lives may be very different in a positive movement to shrink the human races impact on the planet we call home.

In twelve years’ time, the EU has made promises that all plastic packaging across Europe will be recyclable or reusable. In 2016 a report showed that the 5p plastic bag charge dropped England’s usage by 85%, after concerns that we will have more plastic bags in our oceans than fish by 2050. The EU currently produces around 25 million tons of plastic waste per year with less than 30% of this recycled.

A new scheme is being introduced in a bid to reduce plastic bottle waste. Shops, cafes and business will be offering a place for individuals to refill bottles preventing bottles being thrown out after one use. By 2021 there is hope that every major city and town in the UK will have these refill points available. Whitbread is the first to sign up to the scheme, which owns Costa Coffee and Premier Inn, with more major companies to follow.