Mane Energy Issue 10 - July 2018 - Page 13

JULY 2018 | MANE ENERGY | 13

Los Días Verdes

(The Green Days)

Guidelines are in place for all car hire companies in the Balearic's to have a 100% electric hire fleet by 2035. New diesel car sales will be banned from 2025, with electric cars being supported by the addition of multiple charging points in public.

Regarding where these cars are parked, any car park on the islands larger than 1000 square maters must install solar power panels. Street lights must be changed to LEDs.

The new laws also state that any building over 1,000 square meters needs to have solar panels installed, and any new building from 2020 onwards must be solar powered.

In 2035, all companies operating on these Spanish islands will be asked to calculate their carbon footprint, so they can work on reducing it.

With all these changes being out in place to secure the long term well-being for the 4 islands, you could say that the Balearic's are helping lead the way in terms of climate change.

As far as the future goes for the Spanish islands, their flag might be red and yellow, their football team is trying to win gold this summer - but it is green they are focused on today, tomorrow and beyond.