Mane Aerospace October 2018 - Page 8

This year marks the 50th anniversary since initial production began on one of the world's most well-known airplanes, the Boeing 747.

This wide-body jet airliner made it's first flight in 1969 during testing periods and entered into service in January 1970, making it's first commercial flight from Washington Dulles Airport for the Pan Am airline. Any technical hitches were worked out quickly and in the same year, the aircraft made it's first trans-atlantic flight to London.

Over the years, several improved versions have come gone into service, updating the classic model and is now the most common aircraft in airline giant British Airways fleet.

It was rumoured that the Boeing 747 might stop production in 2019, but with UPS Airlines ordering another 28 of them, production should be seen out to 2022. Whilst some airlines might be phasing them out, there will still be Boeing 747s around meaning the skies have not seen the last of this iconic model.


Happy 50th Birthday

Boeing 747 Airplane