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MU | F r o m the Editor Manchester magazine Fountain pen From the Editor Manchester is a twice-yearly publication of Manchester University, mailed free of charge to alumni and friends of the University. P O S T M A S T ER: Send address changes to Manchester magazine, Manchester University, 604 E. College Ave., North Manchester, IN 46962 Editor: Melinda Lantz contact at Designer: Brenda Carver This is who we are I was just a kid in the 1960s when the civil rights movement reached its crescendo. The upheaval ignited our national consciousness about racial and economic injustice and triggered seismic shifts, achingly overdue. On the other side of the world, an unpopular war escalated and ripped open fresh wounds at home. So much tumult played out in America’s streets and on the evening news as I ate my TV dinner waiting for F Troop and The Beverly Hillbillies. Walter Cronkite unraveled my confusion as best he could. I did not know, in that ’60s childhood, that I would graduate from a college with strong ties to those watershed events of history. I did not know that Manchester people of conviction and courage were striving to bend the arc of the moral universe. This special issue of Manchester magazine pays tribute to their legacy. Submit alumni news Send news of weddings, births, deaths, new jobs and promotions, academic and professional degrees, church and community service activities, awards and achievements, and changes of address to: MU alumni website: alumniupdate Email: Phone: 888-257-2586 Mail: Office of Alumni Relations, Manchester University, 604 E. College Ave., North Manchester, IN 46962 Please include your email address to make it easier for classmates to contact you. We also will consider publishing photos that are submitted to us digitally, if they are appropriate and of sufficient quality, and as space allows. Use your smart phone to scan this QR Code or read Manchester magazine online at It’s about Jean Childs ’54 Young, child of the segregated South for whom the new Intercultural Center is named; Ted Studebaker ’67 who embraced pacifism and died among the Vietnamese people he loved; Irma Gall ’55 who co-founded a mission in one of the poorest pockets of Appalachia; and Frances Smith ’39 Thomas, who enlisted in the civil rights movement even before it began. It’s also about Sue Wells ’70 Livers, whose journey took her from a segregated school to lunch with Martin Luther King Jr., and Jim Colon ’74, who personifies ability and conviction as he improves the human condition. Find MU on Facebook at Manchester University Alumni Association And, of course, it’s about the 50th anniversary of Dr. King’s visit to Manchester on Feb. 1, 1968, the impact it had on us, and the vision of President A. Blair Helman who risked his life to make it happen. Find MU on LinkedIn at Manchester University Alumni and Student Network These are no ordinary people and this is no ordinary place. “Manchester is about living out our values,” Helman once said. “That is who we are.” Follow us on Twitter @ManchesterUAlum or @ManchesterUniv Watch the Manchester University channel on YouTube Melinda Lantz, editor 4 | Find MU on Pinterest at