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your product from other clients. For example, if you are a catering business, your UVP maybe that you have a mobile kitchen that enables you to cook on site hence guarantee fresh food. Involve them or forget them Rather than just the products and services that you render to clients, it is vital to look beyond that and understand your customer’s feedback. Involve them in the activities of your brand and open lines of communication to make it easier for them to reach you. It is also advisable to carry out customer satisfaction surveys. This not only makes the clients feel valued but also gives you great insights on where to improve. You can then make changes based on their recommendations and communicate it to them when it is done. Do I give them the confidence to trust my brand? Many big brands like Coca-Cola and It’s great that the principles of com- munication are uni- versal and applicable in all facets, but the issue of really un- derstanding what the customer needs from the products you market is the paradox that keeps me awake other than where the next job will come from. Unilever are constantly advertising. This is not that people do not know them but they keep reaffirming their customers that they are still the best. This is because when your customers trust your brand, they are more likely to buy from you. Trust, also enables you to command a higher price because of the value envisaged. To build confidence, however, you have to remain consistent in your products, promise, and messaging. It’s a prophet’s game to win Prophets do not just exist in the spiritual world but you should strive to be one in your industry. By being a brand leader or expert, you are able to foretell the needs of clients tomorrow. This is the trick that many brands like Google and Facebook are using to remain relevant in the eyes of their clients. Denis Mbau is Public Relations Consultant working with Invest In Africa-Kenya. You can engage him on this or related matters via mail at: A hospitality consulting firm specialized in staff training, competency development and project management OUR SERVICES Staff Recruitment In-House Training Competency Development Project Management Hotel Management | +255 756 716 496 | Njiro, Arusha