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THE MIND TEAMS More Than Meets The Eye By Faith Alai W ant some laugh, check out d e s p i c a b l e m e m i n i o n s . o r g, they brought me to tears as I was stewing over something interesting to share with my readers. The funniest quote I picked was unless your name is google stop acting like you know everything… Wow! Who are these individuals, they seem to have an answer to every question and an opinion on every topic, surely they cannot possibly be jacks of all trade, these individuals are everywhere we go, at this rate we should all put the word team before our first name. Take for instance, today I poured myself my morning coffee, hoping to use my usual 2 scoops of sugar, ‘you know you should stop taking sugar’, the whisper said, ‘with all that is going on with sugar nowadays, you really need to consider putting a stop to your sugar intake’, I take heed and settle for one scoop instead of two. ‘You are paranoid, the sugar is harmless, just take your usual dose’, says the voice, the sugar story is getting old by now and I move on to my next errand, which is getting myself to work, “hey, your fuel gauge is indicating, says my opinionated friend, I can see that, I think to myself, “well its just started indicating, you can make it to work and fuel on your trip back”, are you sure? Says another, “what if you stall? Remember you are already running late”. Well, I chose to fuel my car anyway. And the crew goes on all through my day, they have something to say about literally everyone and everything. The most irritating bit about the team on our minds is that they never guide you to one direction. They are all over the place, always leading you to the safest direction, 66 MAL25/18 ISSUE yet leaving you wondering how it would have been to take the other. “Don’t you think you would have been wealthier had you studied medicine instead of communication? Your doctor friend seems to be doing so we