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after all the years of great service. The resentment at the change. The longing to be back to where it all started. The tiny excitement at the possibilities going forward. The fear of what the future will bring. For Joshua, he has to learn to change his mindset. What has happened is in the past, and it is in going forward that the key to Joshua’s success lies. The next step is for Joshua to prioritize what needs to be taken care of, from a financial point of view. Are there any loans or advances that he needs to pay off. Is there a mortgage that can be cleared so that Joshua can rest easy knowing that his family has a roof over their heads. What other key expenditure needs to be budgeted for against a review of Joshua’s current assets. A financial plan will allow Joshua to organize himself in such a way that he is not stressed. This will then allow him to focus on the next steps. What would Joshua want to do next? If he wishes to go back into employment, then he would need to spruce up his CV, update his LinkedIn profile and review his skills and qualifications. After 20 years, has the market changed and are the requirements now different? Joshua needs to assess what skills are now in demand in the job market. The world has switched to digital platforms and services and Joshua needs to be conversant with these. A coach can also help him map his strengths and skills and find alternative careers for him. If Joshua decides that he would like to try his hand at income generation or self-employment, then he needs to decide what he is interested in. Could it be farming or hardware? Is it training or another professional service? Once the coach helps Joshua discover this, then the process of outlining all the necessary steps and success factors to help Joshua build his business will set in. him move forward at all times. Joshua has left behind colleagues and friends who have to deal with change within the organization. They have to work with new structures and new colleagues. For the teams, coaching can also help deal with these aspects of change, but that will be a subject of the next article. If you are going through change at your work place and you are impacted, think of this quote by Socrates: “The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.” Working with an executive coach can make all the difference to your career journey. As Joshua is going through all these activities and making life changing decisions, he can also benefit from coaching by using the opportunity to focus on himself. Joshua needs to ensure that he keeps busy, remains positive and works towards his goal. The role of the coach is to hold him accountable for all the choices he makes and help him get to his end goal. The coach is his sounding board and his cheer leader as well, helping Thrity Engineer-Mbuthia is a Certified Executive Coach who holds the Associate Certified Coach credential from International Coach Federation. She is the first woman in Kenya to be accredited as Fellow - Chartered Institute of Marketing. You can reach her on mail at: Info@ Marketing Solutions Watch your business grow with our unique marketing methodologies Ayrish Digital Ltd Social Media Management We offer online and marketing solutions that will increase you sales pipelines and client base in less than 90 days. Our Services Sales Training Email Marketing Grass root marketing Marketing Strategy Development +254 717 621 071 +254 763 621 071