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On the compensation it could be argued that the doctors would be working in the difficult areas but with new specialists coming out every year I do not understand how the government will fail to get doctors if it gave them the same package.If I had my way I would propose that the government should also be sued for flouting its own public procurement procedures that requires advertisement and application for jobs. We should also accuse the government for marginalizing its own people. Kenyan doctors live in Kenya with their families and support the economy. The Cuban’s family will be in Cuba and we will be enriching the Cuban government courtesy of public funds which can be better utilized on our own unemployed Kenyan doctors at a more cost effective rate. I love the idea of security, fully furnished apartments, gas and so on. What will they be working for. We know in Kenya the biggest expense anyone has are housing, transport and security. If things are bad we can always eat Ugali and Sukuma Wiki and life goes on. Why should foreigners earning more than double of their official counterparts be treated with kids gloves and local doctors are arrested and jailed for demanding better terms for themselves and their patients?. Surely our priorities are misplaced. Unpaid registrars: this has been the bane for Kenyatta National Hospital and the trump card used by students. I firmly agree and I feel it is about time that this problem was dealt with however what is being paid to the Cubans may have been considered to be utilized to recognize the hard work done by our junior colleagues in residency training. The scope of this article will not allow us to delve further than that. What is clear is both Government and health professionals want healthcare to improve. For this to happen both Government and healthcare professionals should work hand in hand to come up with solutions tailor made for this wonderful country. No foreigner no matter how good their intention is going to solve the problem in your kitchen. Let us all pull together and get a homegrown solution for healthcare puzzle. Dr. Maureen Owiti is a practicing Obstetrician Gynaecologist and fertility consultant based in Nairobi. You can commune with her on this or related matters via email at: