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TALKING POINT Managing Brands Post “Handshake” By Boniface Ngahu In Low Cash Situation Apply More Imagination Than Money There is a business saying that when you have little cash and you need a spiced campaign you can choose to apply more imagination than money. This can apply to start-up businesses or new products that haven’t generated enough cash to blow in a major campaign. It can also be a business philosophy for any business since money will never be enough. Ambush marketing is a tactical way of gaining some benefits from a major event without being a sponsor. For instance a brand that created activations in Russia 2018 to benefit from the world cup audience without necessarily being a sponsor to the event can be said to have employed ambush marketing. Such activations can be in close proximity to the event locations or on the way to such event. This will give you audience which money can’t buy and benefit your brand in many unintended ways. Ambush Marketing refers to use of advertising or other marketing approaches that would give the impression that you are an official sponsor of an event while you are not. One of the best examples was in the 80s when Kodak advertised aggressively during the Olympics which was viewed as giving an indication that they were an official sponsor while they were not. Their competitor Fuji was actually the sponsor of the event at that time. While this kind of marketing is considered illegal it is hard to prove the illegality in most cases. As for the Kenyan Rugby 7’s team, when dealing with a government body and national interest sabotage may not have been the best way to protest. Still, ambush marketing offers one of the options to avoid pitfalls of sponsorships so far as it is done in a legitimate manner that may not be of significant concern to the ambushed entity. 30 MAL25/18 ISSUE Still, the mainstreaming of social media has given brands opportunity to leverage on events that they have nothing to do with. So far as an event is trending you can easily relate your brand with it as seen with Githeri Man, Bro Ochola’s Cloud 9 Whatsapp message mishap or any other trending event. With the increasing relevance of millennials as a target market, traditional approaches may not be so relevant for this segment and ambush marketing becomes an avenue for getting their eyeballs in social media. Make It Kenya And Rugby 7 Sponsorship Recently, Rugby Kenya Team covered their ‘Make It Kenya’ T-Shirt labels as they were playing in the Paris leg of the HSBC Rugby Sevens World Series. They had a problem with the sponsor in that the promised money had not been wired to their accounts. They decided to protest against the delayed payment in a gentleman way by covering the label ‘Make It Kenya’ as they played. What they forgot is that they already carried the name Kenya with them and the sponsor only wanted to push it a bit further with a deliberate message. The reason we are highlighting this is to