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Write your positive character traits and what you’re good at. For example, you may be good with people or children. It could be that your analytical skills are off the charts. Maybe you are super creative or are an A-1 project manager. Include positive things that your colleagues, friends and family have told you about yourself. Writing down your positive attributes will help you see that you have a lot that is of good and value. Check Your Dialogue Internal As you take a realistic look at yourself, assess your internal dialogue – the things you think. Is your thinking largely negative or positive? Are your negative thoughts realistic? When our confidence is low, our thinking is usually negative and limiting. Deal with false negative beliefs by writing down directly opposing statements and speaking them aloud to yourself once or twice a day and whenever you find yourself falling back into negative thinking until they come true. kind to yourself. Surround Yourself Positive People With What company do you keep? If your usual crowd is negative, critical, unmotivated and complaining, this will drain you and hold you back. You may have been around them so long that their perspective seems right and true, but you must let them go. Instead find people with a different reality; people who are positive, high energy and motivated, confidently working towards their goals. Be naturally and authentically positive. Be a good listener and contribute positively to people’s lives. Relationship-building takes time, but trust the process. It is better to be alone and positive than miserable, in toxic relationships. Speak Up Actively participate in meetings, speaking at least once in very meeting, sharing ideas, rather than staying silent and having others share the same things you were thinking of. Also become assertive and speak in a normal voice, without fear. This will take practice, but you will find that people will listen to you and you will gain acceptance as a result. A major confidence booster is developing public speaking skills. This often starts off as stressful and difficult, but improves with regular practice. For instance if you are painfully shy, avoid people and seem to attract toxic friends, you could write and tell yourself , “I am warm, friendly and social and have an amazing, supportive circle of friends”. It may feel awkward and untrue at first, but you will find that with time it becomes reality. We become what we speak to ourselves - life and death is indeed in the power of the tongue. Notice also what you say to yourself when you make mistakes or when things go wrong. People with low confidence tend to blame and berate themselves, beating themselves and reinforcing their negative view of themselves. Confident people on the other hand see themselves as separate from what happened. Mistakes and failures don’t define them, but rather are stepping stones on the life and success journey, with rich lessons to keep in mind for the future. Heal From Painful Memories Painful memories of past hurts and broken relationships influence our view of ourselves and others. If you are unable to process the hurt, pain and move on, seeing a good counselor can help you come to terms with what happened and build a fresh, positive view of yourself. This may include forgiving yourself and learning to accept the past, while being 28 MAL25/18 ISSUE VICAR CLEANING SERVICES We started this company with you in mind, we are here to help you. We take our service very seriously as we know the importance of a clean and comfortable environment. We have plans that will suit you perfectly; Vacation Home Cleaning | Private Home Cleaning | Corporate Cleaning | Post Construction Cleaning | Pressure Washing | Laundry services CALL US TODAY: +254-723-580 344