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Some of the doctors would come in the office every time seeking all sorts of help but this year they just come and tell me please come and grace us with the honor of opening the meeting because it’s running so smoothly. That’s great feedback! Unless you have any other comment regarding the convention centre, I would like to move on to ask you questions about yourself, tell us briefly about yourself? Am a very strong believer that brands sell themselves not people. People are transit and the mistake we do in our market, yes, people become brands while actually The Nairobi Hospital is the brand, not Gordon Odundo, am just privileged and honored to work for such a wonderful brand. We are curious for the young minds because some of the young minds like my colleague here is looking at you and saying this is my role model, this is what he has done over time, where has he come from, what input has he put for the Hospital, I want to be like him. I have worked for more than 30 years and part of that I worked in government as a clerk for my first job, I think for almost 2 years. Then I went to Hospitality industry where I worked for about 11 years with various hotel groups. I made a decision around 1999 to just move out of the hotel business. I started working at Gertrude’s Hospital as COO and Deputy CEO then after 4 years the board recognized my talent and appointed me as the CEO and I served there for 13 years as a CEO prior to coming now to The Nairobi Hospital where am the CEO. What was running through my mind right now was I wanted to tap my colleague and tell her, he didn’t just wake up and ask for the corner office, he worked hard for it, that is very encouraging, eye opening. We really appreciate your time, thank you so much. I think we have come to a closure of our discussion. Pauline Mwatu is a Marketing and Market Research specialist and a director at Tried Approach Limited, a research outfit defining and providing custom market research solutions. You can engage her on this or related matters via mail at: